Alan Butkovitz for Treasurer

Alan Butkovitz

Democrat for Treasurer

Alan Butkovitz

Democrat for Treasurer


Alan is running to be Pennsylvania’s next Treasurer because he knows what it takes to stand up to bullies and help those who have been knocked down. Keep up to date with all that Alan is doing across the Commonwealth!

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Meet Alan

Alan is a proud husband, father, and grandfather who has dedicated his career to building a better future for all of us. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Alan is a proud product of public schools—from elementary through law school. As State Representative and Philadelphia City Controller, Alan built a track record of rooting out corruption, promoting accountability, and crafting new and innovative policies.

Alan's Plan:

Accounting for Today, Investing in Tomorrow

 As Treasurer, Alan will use his decades of experience and track record of innovative solutions—that means bringing real change on day one. Alan knows that office can be a powerful force for improving the lives of Pennsylvanians by accounting for today’s dollars while investing in tomorrow.

Negotiate policies to help seniors on Medicare & Medicaid to protect their property and assets from the government and trapping families in a cycle of poverty
Promote labor rights and crack down on worker classification, holding accountable contractors who strip their employees of crucial employment benefits and protections
Protect transparency in healthcare by ensuring any medical-related facilities receiving state dollars are transparent with patients and the commonwealth, like protecting the right to safe and accessible abortion
Prudently invest state dollars in investment funds that promote PA values of inclusion and equity
Block any illegal payments by exercising the Treasurer’s powers to audit and prevent taxpayer dollars from being abused or unconstitutionally spent

Chip in Today

Together, we can build a Treasurer’s office that brings real change and improve the lives of all Pennsylvanians.

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